A Modified Single-Stage Three-Phase Boost Inverter for PV Applications

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1 electrical engineering,Faculty of engineering,menoufia university

2 Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Menoufia University

3 Mechanical & Electrical Research Institute, National Water Research Center, Egypt

4 Electrical engineering department, faculty of engineering, Menoufia University, Egypt


This paper proposes a single-stage three-phase boost inverter for Photovoltaic (PV) applications. The proposed circuit topology is directly step-up the input low level DC voltage to a high-level output AC voltage in only one stage, using an inductor and six switches.  A new control methodology is introduced to regulate the AC output voltage and current and is suitable for grid-connected and stand-alone applications. The proposed circuit uses only six switches of a simple type of switches that achieve the desired objectives easily without additional antiparallel diodes. The circuit topology is extensively analysed and the overall performance including total harmonic distortion (THD) is obtained by computer simulation and presented under different conditions. A DSP-based laboratory model is built to assess the proposed single-stage three-phase boost inverter when fed from a PV source.  The experimental results confirm the simulation, illustrating the successful operation of the proposed circuit topology to produce three-phase AC output from the low DC voltage of the PV source.


Volume 43, Issue 4
Volume 43(4) issued on 16/9/2020 in 6 Parts (PART 1: Electric Eng., PART 2: Mechanical Eng., PART 3: Production Eng., PART 4: Civil Eng., PART 5: Architecture Eng., PART 6: Basic Eng. Sciences)
October 2020
Pages 273-284