Stability Analysis and Performance Evaluation of a Multifunction Converter

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1 Electrical engineering, Faculty of engineering, Menofia University,Shebin el kom, menofia,Egypt

2 Electrical engineering, Faculty of engineering, Menofia university, Shebin el kom, Menofia , Egypt

3 Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Menoufia University, Egypt


This paper proposes a converter circuit topology that can perform two functions rather than only one function, normally used in the traditional design of Power electronic converters (PEC). Initially the operation of the proposed circuit in boost DC-DC positive or negative mode and inverting mode are outlined. This is followed by the development of a state-space model and extensive frequency-domain and pole-zero stability analyses for the boost mode that give information about the circuit elements requirements and controller design for it . The proposed converter is simulated using Matlab environment and its performance is evaluated using two control strategies to control the load voltage. The results show the good performance of the converter over a wide range of output voltages and converter capability to reverse the output signal performance and follow the reference values via a logic-based control scheme, which is one of the smart grid and micro grid application requirements.


Volume 44, Issue 2
Volume 44 (2) issued on 10/4/2021 in 5 Parts: - PART 1: Electrical Engineering - PART 2: Mechanical Engineering - PART 3: Civil Engineering - PART 4: Architecture Engineering - PART 5: Basic Engineering Sciences
April 2021
Pages 125-134