High Output Voltage Gain DC/DC Boost Converter Suitable For Renewable Energy Applications

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1 Prof. of Power Electronics, Electrical Eng., Dept., Faculty of Eng., Menoufia University

2 Electrical department, Faculty of Engineering, Menofia university tanta Egypt

3 Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Menoufia University, Egypt


High-voltage gain DC–DC boost converter is very important because it is required in many industrial applications, and therefore becomes the focus of all researches nowadays. Conventional topologies is used to obtain high gain due to its advantages such as simple structure, simple control, and low cost but it must be operated at extreme duty cycle in order to obtain high voltage gain which leads to high semiconductors voltage stress, high switching loss, and diode reverse recovery problems that degrades the system performance, and cause a significant efficiency reduction. Using of Cascaded boost converter and switched inductor converter solve some of the problems appeared with conventional boost converter as they have higher voltage gain without working with high duty cycle like conventional one, but they have some problems such as higher losses, and lower efficiency that also degrades the system performance. This study presents a new non-isolated high voltage gain DC \ DC boost converter operating with a reasonable duty cycle by integrating dual boost converter with switched inductor structures. The presented converter operates with soft-switching ZVS mode for all switches, high voltage gain, and high efficiency. In order to prove the converter effectiveness, the theoretical analysis, operation principle, and simulation results are presented.


Volume 44, Issue 2
Volume 44 (2) issued on 10/4/2021 in 5 Parts: - PART 1: Electrical Engineering - PART 2: Mechanical Engineering - PART 3: Civil Engineering - PART 4: Architecture Engineering - PART 5: Basic Engineering Sciences
April 2021
Pages 141-148