Study on the Amount of N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone Decreasing by Butanol as a Solvent in Re-refining of Used Lubricating Oils

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1 Department of chemical engineering, faculty of engineering, Alexandria university

2 Chemical Engineering Department, faculty of engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt

3 Chemical engineering department, Faculty of engineering, Alexandria university, Egypt Consultant for Used Lubricating oils for Alexandria Petroleum Company


This study purpose is to check a new technique in solvent extraction process on used lubricating oils using design of experiments (DOE) generated by MINITAB. In addition, study technique for decreasing the amount of N-Methyl-2-Pyrroidone used in the re-refining of used oil thus decreasing the operating cost of the extraction process. The experiments were done on pre-treated used lubricating oils, which was obtained from Alexandria Petroleum Company facility where light hydrocarbons and water were eliminated from it. Solvent extraction technique was done on the used lubricating oils using N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone (NMP) and butanol as a solvents. Different factors were studied by bench scale experiments such as: Solvent to solvent weight ratios, Solvent to oil weight ratios, mixing time, mixing speed and the extraction temperatures. A statistical analysis computer software (MINITAB version 17) was used to investigate those factors which affect the percent sludge removal from the used lubricating oils. Furthermore, the data obtained from both bench scale experiments and statistical analysis computer software shows that the most significant factors affecting the percent sludge removal from used lubricating oils was solvent-to-solvent weight ratios, while the least significant factor was the extraction temperature.


Volume 44, Issue 2
Volume 44 (2) issued on 10/4/2021 in 5 Parts: - PART 1: Electrical Engineering - PART 2: Mechanical Engineering - PART 3: Civil Engineering - PART 4: Architecture Engineering - PART 5: Basic Engineering Sciences
April 2021
Pages 245-250