Cascaded Boost AC-AC Converter with High-Gain Voltage

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1 Electrical engineering department, faculty of engineering, Menoufia University, Egypt

2 Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Shebin El - Kom, Menoufia University

3 electrical engineering,Faculty of engineering,menoufia university


This paper presents cascaded boost AC-AC converter with control strategy. The proposed system can attain high-gain voltage by using low-voltage rating switch devices. The control technique leads to nearly unity power factor and the required high voltage at stop working unit (SWU). The output voltage can be controlled up to double the input voltage multiplied by the number of units. The proposed converter has many advantages such as, low number of semiconductor switches, nearly sinusoidal output voltage, and negligible distortion in the supply current and load voltage waveforms. The proposed cascaded converter is suitable to be extended because all the AC - AC converter units have similar construction, control strategy, and operating conditions. Accordingly, maintenance is simple and the defective unit can be easily detected and compensated. The prototype converter with several numbers of units is constructed and tested to verify the performance. The proposed circuit and control technique is validated by the simulation results with MATLAB software.


Volume 44, Issue 4
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October 2021
Pages 339-344