Improvement of Dynamic Stability of a Single Machine Infinite-Bus Power System using MPC based Power System Stabilizer

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Abstract— Power system stabilizers (PSSs) are used to enhance the damping during low frequency oscillations. This paper presents a study of power system stabilizer using fuzzy logic to enhance the stability of single machine infinite bus system.
In this paper the problem of conventional power system stabilizer for stability enhancement is presented which is traditionally used as well as, an effective techniques using Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on fuzzy logic and Model Predictive Control (MPC) is used in designing the control system for PSS in order to achieve recognized improvement in Dynamic Stability.
In the last few years fuzzy logic and MPC are used in power system applications as a powerful tool and shows recognized improvement in the stability performance
This paper presents a solution for enhancing the improvement in the performance of single machine infinite bus system with fuzzy power system stabilizer of triangular membership function. Speed deviation (w) and acceleration are taken as an input variable. The performance of conventional, fuzzy based power system stabilizer with triangular membership function and MPC responses are studied and compared with conventional lead-lag compensator. The simulations are implemented using MATLAB - SIMULINK as a simulation program tool.


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October 2021
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