Renovation Urban Spaces as an Oper-air Museum in Heritage Districts: Cairo- Egypt as Study Areas

Document Type : Original Article


Architectural Engineering, ain shams university. Cairo.


Urbanization is an unstoppable global trend. Vibrant cities should be sustainable and inclusive to ensure no one is left behind from cities, policies, services, settings, and structures to give people better environments and more opportunities. The design of cities and public spaces should be friendly for all ages. It is necessary to design more diverse and flexible public spaces to evolve with the population. This research seeks to consolidate the concept of interest in heritage and the culture of open spaces. Cairo, Egypt, includes many heritage elements over different areas, in addition to its compact urban pattern and its poverty of open areas. Thus, the research focused on proposing areas that can be included as an open-air museum by presenting their value components and integrating them with their urban environment without disrupting this experience after determining the quality standards of heritage spaces. Then, developing a design proposal for the open museum that can be applied in the suggested areas in a way that contributes to preserving the environment, energy, and resources and raising its cultural value.


Volume 45, Issue 2
Vol. 45, No.2 issued on 2/4/2022 in 4 Parts: Part (1) Electrical Engineering, Part (2) Mechanical Engineering, Part (3): Civil Engineering, Part (4) Architectural Engineering.
April 2022
Pages 215-224