Building with Nature approach as a Protection, Restoration and Development of Coastal Zone

Document Type : Original Article


Hydraulics and Irrigation Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt


Building with nature means that the designs depend on making use of the natural processes, elements and materials available in the locality and work with nature. By applying the Building with Nature strategy, everything is in harmony with nature. This strategy says no to build more dams and dikes as dominant bulk walls against the sea, and yes to dunes and beaches in harmony with the sea. The strategy is more energy efficient and good for nature, and the environment. The strategy also aims to achieve a new flexible, dynamic balanced coastline consisting of dunes and beaches with a minimum of hard sea structures. A coastline where growth and erosion exist in equilibrium, minimally maintained by periodical sand nourishment. To solve this shortage of space, there are three solutions. Firstly, the third dimension is using more than before. Using height and depth, and multifunctional use of the existing space. The second solution is looking at possibilities in the existing hinterland, and a third solution is in the direction of the sea. The principles maintained can be applied in the regions with vulnerable densely populated coastal and delta zones. In addition, the sea level rise will be considered when designing the height of structures. Baltim coast is taken as a study case for applying the idea of building with nature. Suggestion for this application is presented in this paper.


Volume 45, Issue 3
Vol. 45, No.3 issued on 1/7/2022 in 5 Parts: Part (1) Electrical Engineering, Part (2) Mechanical Engineering, Part (3): Production Engineering, Part (4): Civil Engineering, Part (5) Architectural Engineering.
July 2022
Pages 421-429