A Single-switch Non-isolated High Gain DC/DC Converter for PV Applications

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1 Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Menoufia University, Egypt

2 Electrical, facality of engineering. Menoufia university.shiben elkom.elmnoufia


In this paper a single switch non-isolated high voltage gain DC/DC converter based on the conventional converter and a switched inductor is introduced. The operation and analysis of the converter in the continuous conduction mode (CCM) and discontinuous conduction mode (DCM), and voltage gain equation derivation are also presented. Also, design of the converter parameters (inductors and capacitor) is given. The proposed converter achieves continuous input current that suitable for PV applications. Also, it is characterized by simplicity of installation and eases of operation which decreases the power losses and gives high overall efficiency. A prototype is made in laboratory to validate the effectiveness of the proposed converter. The proposed converter operation is tested experimentally with static and dynamic load. Also, the performance of the proposed converter is examined with an open loop and closed loop controllers. In addition, a comparison between the proposed converter and other recent converters is also introduced to confirm the merits of this converter.


Volume 45, Issue 3
Vol. 45, No.3 issued on 1/7/2022 in 5 Parts: Part (1) Electrical Engineering, Part (2) Mechanical Engineering, Part (3): Production Engineering, Part (4): Civil Engineering, Part (5) Architectural Engineering.
July 2022
Pages 261-271