Heating and Slipping Effects on Gold-Blood Flow of Nanofluid Consequent to Peristaltic Waves with Various Shape Factors in a Vertical Tube: Cancer Treatment

Document Type : Original Article


1 Basic Engineering Sciences Department, Faculty of Engineering, Menofia University, Shebin El-Kom, Egypt.

2 Basic Engineering Sciences Dep., Faculty of Engineering, Shibin Elkom , Elmenoufia , Egypt

3 Basic Engineering Sciences Department, Engineering Faculty, Menoufia University


This study emphasizes the great impacts of the process of injection gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) through the blood vessels of the human body for cancer therapy. This investigation handles the effects of the heating process, the slipping, the gravity, and the various shapes of the nanosize particles on the behavior of the blood flow in a tube. The kinetics of gold-blood flow of nanofluid occurs according to the peristaltic wave which motives the flow through the body. The efficient Hamilton-Crosser model for the nanofluid thermal conductivity is selected. The governing equations of the incompressible non-Newtonian nanofluid are solved under the procedures of the perturbation strategy with a small wavenumber and long wavelength. Graphical results for the velocity, the temperature distributions, and the streamlines are deduced using MATLAB software under the effect of the heat source, Grashof number, Shapes of the AuNPs (Bricks, cylinders, and platelets), AuNPs concentrations, and slipping conditions. The results show a great impact of the heat transfer, shape factor, and the concentration of the injected AuNPs on the cancer treatment.


Volume 46, Issue 4
(issued on 1/10/2023 in 6 Parts: Part (1) Electrical Engineering, Part (2) Mechanical Engineering, Part (3): Production Engineering, Part (4): Civil Engineering, Part (5) Architectural Engineering, Part (6) Basic Engineering Sciences)
October 2023
Pages 555-576