The Effect of Edge Beams in The Static and Dynamic Seismic Analysis of High-Rise Building Structures

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The approach of dealing with high rise building structures spread all over the world. The high increase in building height is accompanied with an increase of drift and maximum displacement for the structures subjected to seismic and wind load as well.

Many systems are used to overcome the effect of lateral loading, in this study the moment resisting frame and shear wall and a combination of both are studied for the effect of seismic loading. The edge beams for the building structures is used to decrease the maximum displacements and drift for the high rise structures .

A static and dynamic analysis are used to check for the main parameters studied.

The study pointed that the maximum displacements and drift is more critical in the static analysis and the edge beams used in the model cases studied, showed a great reduction in drift and maximum displacement as well. The study also monitored that the shear wall length is a major factor in the resisting lateral loading and decreasing the drift and displacement.

The maximum drift is permitted by the ASCE 7-10 for all the cases are studied in both directions.

This study focus on the high benefit of using edge beam in high rise concrete structures.


Volume 47, Issue 2
(issued on 1/4/2024 in 4 Parts: Part (1): Mechanical Engineering, Part (2): Civil Engineering, Part (3): Architectural Engineering, Part (4:) Basic Engineering Sciences).
April 2024
Pages 179-187