Urban Permaculture as an Effective Nature-Based Solution for Advancing Sustainability in Cities: A Comprehensive Review and Analysis

Document Type : Original Article


1 Architecture, faculty of engineering, menoufia university, Shebeen elkowm, Egypt

2 Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Calgary, Canada,


In today's era of climate change, cities are heavily impacted by and accountable for the environmental crisis, contributing up to 70% of greenhouse gases responsible for global warming. As pivotal players in addressing climate change, cities must take the lead in local-level mitigation efforts. Nature-based solutions, particularly permaculture design principles, are gaining attention as effective strategies to enhance socio-ecological resilience. However, literature on urban permaculture is currently fragmented across various fields, lacking consistency in terminology and frameworks.

This study aims to address this fragmentation by comprehensively examining the relationship between urban permaculture and sustainability, focusing on the 4 Ps framework: People, Planet, Profit, and Politics. Using a methodological synthesis of systematic literature review and content analysis, the paper analyzes urban permaculture literature from 2001 onwards. The systematic review aims to clarify the overall scope and nature of the discourse, identifying eight factual case studies meeting strict inclusion criteria, prioritizing empirical contributions.

These selected case studies form the empirical foundation for the analysis, concentrating on tangible instances of urban permaculture implementation rather than theoretical abstractions. The exploration of the four conventional Ps within these case studies reveals a fifth P—Permaculture as a guiding principle—illustrating its role in crafting urban environments that are ecologically resilient, socially inclusive, economically viable, and politically astute. This research significantly enhances our understanding of urban permaculture, offering practical insights into its implications for sustainability in complex urban settings.


Volume 47, Issue 2
(issued on 1/4/2024 in 4 Parts: Part (1): Mechanical Engineering, Part (2): Civil Engineering, Part (3): Architectural Engineering, Part (4:) Basic Engineering Sciences).
April 2024
Pages 263-279