Model Predictive Control for load frequency stabilizer

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Energy Engineering, Aswan University 81528, Aswan, Egypt


This paper deals with the importance of load frequency control (LFC) for single and interconnected power system.  It is important to keep the frequency of the system and the inter area tie power stable.  The goal of LFC is to maintain the frequency, the desired power output and to control the change in tie line power between control areas in an interconnected power system. Two different techniques have been implemented in this paper which are model predictive controller MPC and conventional proportional plus integral controller PI for LFC of single area power system as well as two area system. To investigate the powerful and robustness of model predictive control (MPC) technique for LFC problems in electric power system, time simulations is performed. The obtained results indicate that the MPC provide better damping to the single area system as well as two-area system in case of load disturbance compared with conventional PI controller. The studied single-area and two-area systems are modelled and simulated using Simulink/Matlab software.