Mathematical Modeling and Optimization of Polymer Composite Pine Fins

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Engineering, Shebin El-Koom, Egypt.


Thermal basins are used in the industry, which consists of arrays of fins, which are designed in various forms for thermal
packaging of electronic devices. The best design for the consumption of thermal basins for less mass and less energy should
include certain considerations, such as the choice of engineering materials and the provision of high fiber thermal conductivity
fibers that are made of carbon fiber and graphite to increase thermal conductivity. This use is better than using conventional
materials such as aluminum and copper.
In order to achieve optimum objectives for engineering applications, an optimum design for the use of these thermal banks
should be based on a precise balance between the best thermal design and the economic reduction of material consumption and
minimal energy flow.
The current research presents a systematic study of the thermal performance of an air cooled heat sink designed by high
thermal conductivity PPS polymer. A nested pin fin set has been used to design and improve such a natural heat sink that is
cooled by air.