Hybrid fuzzy logic controller for boot converter operating in pv energy system

Document Type : Original Article


Electrical Department, Faculty of Engineering, Menoufia, University, Shebin El-Kom, Egyp


The demand for high efficiency DC/DC boost converters is increasing dramatically in many areas
of industrial applications especially for PV system to produce high voltage to meet the needs of the
load. Closed-loop systems are designed to automatically attain and keep the desired output
condition by comparing it with the actual condition. In this paper, Hybrid Proportional-Integral
Fuzzy Logic Controller (HPIFLC) is designed and implemented to control the duty cycle of
DC/DC boost converter. This combination of Proportional-Integral (PI) and Fuzzy Logic (FL) is
done to exploit the advantageous sides of both controllers to obtain better performance. The
system under consideration consists of a PV module connected to the load through a controlled
DC/DC boost converter. The mathematical model of the complete power system and the
simulation has been done using MATLAB/SIMULINK. Performance comparison between PI, FL,
and HPIFLC controllers have been carried out which emphasize that HPIFLC is superior to the
other controllers as rise time, settling time, overshoot and steady state error are reduced.