Electrocoagulation For Oil and Grease Wastewater Treatment Using Iron Electrodes

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1 Prof. ,Public Works Depart., Faculty of Eng., Mansoura University.

2 Civil Eng., Graduated year 2012, Mansoura University.


Batch electrocoagulation (EC) experiments were carried out to evaluate the removal of COD and O&G from wastewater using iron electrodes. The effects of operating parameters such as current intensity, initial COD concentration and contact time on COD and O&G removal efficiency had been investigated. It was found that increasing current intensity increased COD and O&G removal efficiency. Initial COD concentration had a little effect on removal efficiencies. Results showed that the COD removal efficiencies after 60 min. was 80.87 – 84.1 % at current of 1.3 A, 96.1 - 97.9 % at 1.6 A and after 45 min. was 97.9 - 98.6 % at 1.9 A. It can be noticed that after 60 min, for initial COD concentration of1280 mg/l the percentage COD removal was 83.13%, at 11.6 volt and 1.3 ampere, 97.5%, at 14 volt and 1.6 ampere and was 98.6 % at 16.4 volt and 1.9 ampere ,after 45 min .