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1 Electronics Research Institute, PV Dept.

2 Minya University


The remote photovoltaic systems needs a simple, cheap, remote monitoring and remotely
controlling devices.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems based on PLCs
are very complex, lower reliability, and require developed electronic industry in order to produce
sophisticated PLC's. Information Technology (IT) industry requires simpler, cheap, no restrictions
on software or hardware SCADA systems. This paper presents a new generation of Remote
Terminal Unit (RTU) for SCADA system based on microcontroller for customer side distribution
automation system. We have a common trend of attempting to lower SCADA costs on RTU side.
Our paper goals are to go to deep in lowering the cost of RTU unit, freeing the software so
lowering system cost, and to expand the open source technology culture away from the restricted
one of the large companies. A proposed microcontroller-based SCADA system with an open source
software and graphical user interface is introduced in this paper. Our proposed system cost
lowering efforts depending on the simple remote terminal unit (RTU), and an open source software.
The system is modular where the main terminal unit (MTU) with a human machine interface (HMI)
can access many RTUs that can plug and play. The proposed system is designed, implemented and
gave excellent results in collecting data, transmitting, monitoring, and applying system control as
well. One of the most appropriate applications for SCADA is the remote area photovoltaic
standalone systems. The SCADA is used as monitoring, control and management system