A modified Three-Phase AC-AC Boost Regulator with Unity Input Power Factor

Document Type : Original Article


1 Mechanical& electrical research institute National water research Centre, Egypt

2 Department of electrical Engineering Faculty of engineering Menoufiya University, Egypt


In this paper, a new configuration for high performance three-phase AC-AC boost regulator is presented. The proposed circuit has a high efficiency for adjusting AC power; because it has a fewer number of switches, and for this new configuration, a new control methodology is proposed to provide regulated AC output voltage. This new boost regulator provides, nearly unity input power factor, line current harmonics to be readily and economically filtered out. Also, harmonics of input current, load voltage and load current are almost negligible. The proposed method is implemented using a zero-crossing processing, which allows a greater accuracy than other methods. The developed modeling is experimentally verified, Measured, simulated and predicted waveforms using the proposed model are shown to be very close and the model is proved to be efficient and accurate.