Power Factor Correction for Three- Phase AC-AC Buck Regulator

Document Type : Original Article


1 Mechanical& electrical research institute National water research Centre, Egypt

2 Department of electrical Engineering Faculty of engineering Menoufiya University, Egypt


This paper presents a new configuration of a three-phase AC-AC buck regulator to operate with a three phase inductive loads with a reduced number of controlled switches. It has a simple control with excellent performance. The proposed circuit has high efficiency for adjusting AC power; because it is composed of fewer switches and DC snubbers. The proposed regulator restrains more harmonics of output voltage and the input current flows continuously, thus a nearly unity input power factor is achieved. Also harmonics of input current and load current are almost negligible. The proposed method is implemented using a zero-crossing processing, which allows a greater accuracy than other methods. By simulation, these characteristics are investigated theoretically, and to correlate the measurements with theory, an experimental setup is presented to confirm the simulation results. ل