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1 Mechanical Power Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Shebin El-Kom, Minoufiya University, Egypt

2 Faculty of Engineering, Sinai University, Egypt


In this work, it is planned to design and test a prototype of Savonius rotor in free wind based on the results of the previous experimental study. The prototype is designed and tested in El-Arish at the Faculty of Engineering, Sinai University. Although El-Arish has lower average yearly wind speed compared to other locations with higher average wind speed, like Hurghada. The results show that Savonius rotor prototype in El-Arish gives considerable efficiency and begins to give power at a relative low wind speed. While the energy generated from the Savonius rotor prototype in El-Arish is small, the cost of energy generated is competitive with other energy sources. The cost of kW hr generated from Savonius rotor is expected to be very low specially in locations with high average wind speed. The majority of the Egyptian locations having an average wind speed between 3.5 and 4.5 m/s. The cost of generated from Savonius rotor in these locations is expected to be between 0.42 and 0.28 LE.  In locations where average wind speed is 6 m/s, the cost of kW hr is expected to be 0.1 LE. Therefore the use of Savonius rotor will be attractive in many locations in Egypt and it can be used to pump water for irrigation of lands. This will save a great part of conventional energy sources used for this purpose and consequently reduces the environmental pollution.