Document Type : Original Article


1 Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Minoufiya University, Egypt

2 Agriculture Ministry, Tanta Strip, Egypt


The switched reluctance motor can be used in generation mode by selecting the firing angles of the phases current. Switched reluctance generators (SRG) have been identified as a potential option for military aircraft, variable speed wind turbine and automotive electric power systems. (SRG) has various desirable features which include simple and solid structure, easiness of maintenance, small moment of rotor inertia and low cost.
This paper presents detailed average characteristics of a 6/2 cylindrical stator (SRG). The suitable control for maximum energy conversion in SRG is obtained. The excitation converter is arranged for continuity of load phases current. The results are computed from the average analysis equations.
Maximization of power throughout of (SRG) has been addressed in this paper. Phase self-inductance, phase voltage switching angles, DC bus voltage level and shaft speed of the generator have been identified as generator parameters and control variables affecting output power. Depending on the application each one of these parameters can be defined as either generator parameter or control variable. Due to highly nonlinear characteristics of (SRG), the analytical equation for output power in terms of generator parameters and control variables is complicated. So, iterative simulation of the generator model on the range of generator parameters and control variables has been used for finding output power profile.