vector control of FSTP inverter fed synchronous reluctance reluctance motor based maximum torque control

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Electrical Engineering Department Faculty Of Engineering,Shebin El-Kom- Menoufiya University


This paper presents a cost-effective vector control strategy for four switch three phase (FSTP) inverter fed a
synchronous reluctance motor with conventional rotor (SynRM) drive. The reduction of the number of power
switches from six to four improves the cost-effectiveness, volume-compactness and reliability of the three phase
inverters. In this paper, a simulation model of the drive system is developed and analyzed in order to verify the
effectiveness of the proposed approach. The application of vector control to a SynRM at maximum torque control
(MTC) operation is presented with emphasis on the effects of saturation and iron losses are briefly considered. A
PI controller is used to process the speed error. Two independent hysteresis current controllers with a suitable
hysteresis band are utilized for inverter switches signals. A simplified steady-state d-q model including saturation
and iron losses is presented. Simulation and experimental results show that the drive system provides a fast speed
response and good disturbance rejection capability,