Five-level Inverter Fed Five-phase Induction Motor Drive

Document Type : Original Article


1 Faculty of Engineering - Tanta university - Egypt

2 Faculty of Engineering, Shebin El-Kom - Minoufiya university - Egypt


This paper presents simulation and experimental implementation of five-level, five-phase cascaded
H-bridge inverter. The inverter is controlled by sinusoidal pulse width modulation technique and
fed five-phase induction motors. The speed of the motor is controlled by varying stator voltage
with frequency, so as to maintain v/f ratio constant at the rated value. A fuzzy logic controller is
also considered for controlling the speed. Simulation program using the MATLAB/SIMULINK
software, for five-phase induction motors controlled by the proposed system is developed.
Experimental results of the 1.5 Hp of five-phase induction motor show the effectiveness of the
proposed control scheme.