DSP implementation of fuzzy logic-based voltage stabilization control

Document Type : Original Article


Electrical Engineering Departement,Faculty of Engineering, Menouflya University Shebin El-Kom, Egypt.


This paper presents a simplified control model for stabilizing a load voltage
using a switched reactor in parallel with a fixed capacitor of static VAR
compensator. Two IGBT's are used to control the reactance of the switched
reactor. A uniform pulse width modulation (UPWM) is used for controlling the
two switches. The load is static and/ or dynamic, and the supply impedance is
taken into account. The system parameters are selected according to the load.
This compensator has a simple control circuit and structure. The load voltage
and power factor are improved. Also, the supply input waveforms are found to
be nearly sinusoidal. A complete modeling and numerical simulation for the
proposed systems are presented.
A high speed Digital Signal Processor is used for implementing proportional￾integral (PI) and fuzzy load voltage controllers. The system behavior is obtained
under both transient and steady-state conditions. The steady-state waveforms
are analyzed into their harmonic contents. Experimental results indicate the
superiority of fuzzy logic control over the conventional proportional-integral
control methods. Simulation results are reported and proved to be in good
agreement with the relevant experimental results.