Numerical and Experimental Investigation of a Wall Jet

Document Type : Original Article


Dept. of Power Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Menoufia University, Shebin El-Kom, Egvpt.


Numerical and experimental investigations for a wall jet at different
conditions were carried out in order to understand the behavior of such a jet. A
low speed incompressible jet was produced by a circular nozzle with the range of
the mean velocity at the nozzle exit plane from 40 to 120 m/s. Measurements of
the static and total pressures were made at different planes normal to the nozzle
axis in the downstream direction. A finite difference solution for the
hydrodynamic and thermal boundary layer formed by the wall jet over an
isothermal plate at varying values of the initial Reynolds number was presented.
The solution was obtained by a marching technique suitable for parabolic
differential equations. At the first, the solution procedure was applied on the free
jet and then reformulated to the wall jet. Experimental and numerical results are in
good agreement with the previous work. The oil film visualization gives details of
the spreading and decay processes of the jet.