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1 Associate. Prof, Civil Eng. Dept. , Faculty of Engineering, Minoufiya Univ., Egypt.

2 Associate Prof., Irrigation & Hydraulics Dept., Faculty of Eng., Mansoura Univ., Egypt.

3 Prof, Chan. Maintaince Res. Inst., N.W. Res. Centre, Egypt .

4 Prof, Director of Hydr. Res. Inst. (HRI), N.W.Res.Centre, Egypt

5 Ph. D, Researcher, Hydr. Res. Inst. (HRI), Egypt.


In the following research, the phenomena of the thermal pollution fiom
the thermal power plant out-fall structure (multi-port difiser) in shallow
water rivers was studied. The sets of uni-directional multi-port difisers'were
experimentally studied. The different characteristics of the out-fall structure
(multi-port difiser), and the different parameters of the flowing water in the
river were considered. The study included a derivation of dimensionless
curves for the range of river and out-fall structure parameters typical of the
prototype river out-fall installations. Also, a general empirical formula,
which can be used in designing of the thermal power plant out-fall structure
(multi-port diffuser), discharging hot water into shallow river was developed.
The validity of the developed formula was tested against two sets of field
measurements of a prototype river difiser. The two sets of the measurements
represent values of the relative thermal concentration at any section
downstream the diffuser, CJC,, for a wide range of hydraulic and diffuser
parameters. A good agreement between the field data and the experimental
data was found. Also, the analysis showed that the best fit of both the
measured data and the corresponding results from the developed formula had
the same shape and the same trend.