Arabic Optical Text Recognition: A Classified Bibliography

Document Type : Original Article


1 College of Computer & Information Sciences King Saud University

2 Al-Manarain Establishment for Technical Applications Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


A classified bibliography and a lexicographically-indexed table of 260
items of literature pertaining to the optical recognition of Arabic texts, including
Hindi numerals' recognition, are provided. The lim number items cited in this
bibliography highlights two points. First, the difficulties facing researchers in
collecting dispersed references pertinent to this research area, which was in the first
place a major incentive to working on this paper. Second, the limited efforts and
resources expended in promoting this branch of research, evident from comparing
the volumes of reported OCR research works and products on Latin and other
languages with those on Arabic. A keyword-based classification scheme whose
results may help in locating papers of interest in a certain research subtopic is
implemented. An appendix provides a classified table highlighting the features of
each of the included literature items, offering a glimpse of an overall picture.