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Associate Prof., Electrical Engineering Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Minoufiya University, Egypt.


This paper presents a survey to the design procedures of dry cooling moving limb arc welding
transformer types. Two different methods are used for this purpose. The first method is based
on analytical approach, while the second method is based on numerical approach, finite
element method (FEM). A two dimensional finite element method is used to compute the flux
distribution in each transformer parts. The transformer parameters, losses and losses
distributions, electromagnetic force on the windings and force distribution, temperature rise
and performance characteristics during the design process are calculated, also. The nonlinearly
and saturation of iron core are taken into account by using the actual B-H curve of the iron
core. This procedures is established and used to build and analyze different types and ratings of
transformers. Theoretical, analytical and FEM, and experimental characteristics are carried out
on 400A welding transformer and a comparison is given between them. It has been shown that
the FEM method gives better results than analytical method, where a good agreement is
obtained between the predicted characteristics that calculated using FEM and experimental