A Novel Magnetic Voltage Regulator for Self-Regulated Self-Excited Three-Phase Synchronous Generator

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Dept. of Elect. Eng., Faculty of Eng. Menoufiya University, Shebien El-Kom , Egypt.


This paper presents a magnetic voltage regulator (MVR) as a new technique for
sensitive voltage control of three phase self-excited synchronous generator.
The proposed MVR is a passive magnetic element, consisting of a magnelic
core with three limbs Three identical main coils (MC) are mounted on the
middle limb and they are connected in series with the generator Iipes, with
special arrangements. The second limb carries a regulating coil (RC), which is
connected to a variable inductive reactance for orienting the flux into the core
limbs. An exciting coil (EC) is mounted on the third limb. which feeds the
generator field winding &rough a bridge rectifier. The MVR 'offers a versatile
range of regulating characteristics. It has small size, simple and. reliable &d
exhibit low impedance and low energy loss.
The equivalent circuit model representing the system is proposed. Equations
describing the system are developed and computed, illustrating the theoretical
performance. The experimental set up is implemented to obtain the measured
results at no-load and load operation. Calculated and measured results at
different values of load are presented, where good. agreement has been