Hot Deformation Behaviour of A1 6061Alloy I SiCp Composite

Document Type : Original Article


Assoc. Prof. Production Eng. And Machine Design Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Menoufia University, EGYPT.


The hot deformation behaviour of 606 1 A1 alloy/SiCp composite are
investigated by means of compression tests under constant strain rates
of 0.1, 1 .O, and 5.0 s'l and at temperatures ranging from 100 to 500 OC.
'l'lie high reductions, varying from 10 to 60 % with intervals of 10%
are set to investigate the hot workability of these materials. A
specially designed furnace has been fabricated for this purpose. The
flow stress data are analyzed in terms of strain rate and temperature
.. .. sensitiv~tles. 'The experimental results show that the flow stress
decreases as the temperature increases. The strain rate affects the flow
stress slightly. The forming limit diagram of 6061A1 alloy1SiCp
composite was determined. It was shown that the forming limits
increases with increasing temperature and the variation in strain rate
has a significant effect on hot workability.