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Faculty of Eng. Schebin El - Kom, Minufiya University, Egypt


There is no doubt that the number and variety of the photogrammetric -
applications are growing. Convergent case photogrammetry is the most
commonly used in analytical photogrammetry . The present formulas which are
used to kstimate the accuracy of convergeit case photogrammetry do not give
good results, Special at the edge of photograph therefor, the simulation is used
for estimating the accuracy of the convergent case of close range
photogrammetry . The accuracy obtained in practical experiments closely
matches the estimated accuracy from simulation.The disadvantages of the
simulation are :
The method needs an experience and skilled photogrammetrist,
The optimal solution is missed and
The si;nulation technique is costly and complicated.
This paper gives the mathematical proofs of a newly developed formulas for
estimating the accuracy of convergent case.