Sliding Mode Controller Design For Direct Self Control of Induction Motor For Traction Drive Applications

Document Type : Original Article


1 Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Shebin El-Kom, Minufiya University.

2 Elect. Tech. Dept., Industrial Education College (IEC), Cairo


A control system with fast torque response is important in traction drive
applications, where direct self control is highly desirable. A direct self control
(DSC) of induction motor is presented using a sliding mode controller. The
instantaneous values of the flux and torque are calculated from only the primary
variables and controlled in a hysteresis band fashion. In this system the errors in
the torque and flux along with the flux position are directly used to choose the
optimized switching states of the base drive circuit. New torque and flux
controllers are proposed to improve the dynamic response of the drive system.
The results demonstrate the superior performance of such a drive system.