General Correlation of Pressure Distribution for Swirl Flow in Pipes

Document Type : Original Article


Mech, Power Eng. Dept. Faculty of Eng., Menoufia Univ., Egypt.


Early correlations of wall static pressure distribution along pipes, through which
a Newtonian fluid flows with-unguided vane generated-swirl component, have
been generalized. Generalization includes another - tangential tap generated -
swirl type in addition to fluids other than Newtonian. These correlations are of
great benefit for many applications provided knowledge of the fluid rheological
properties as well as the conventional friction factor correlations. An expression
for swirl number evaluation has been introduced in order to make use of the
available correlations. Application on non-Newtomian power law fluids has been
carried out and the correlation represented well the available experimental data
for both laminar and turbulent flow conditions. Application on drag reduction
flow, under conditions of maximum drag reduction, has shown that the
percentage drag reduction increases as the pipe length increases, i.e., as the swirl
intensity decreases.