Flow in sudden enlargement square duct with multiple normal jets


Mech. Power Eng. Dept. , faculty of Engineering Minufiya University , Shebin El- Kom , Egypt


A turbulent non-symmetrical and multiple normal jets
through flow in sudden enlargement square duct is studied
experimentally. The geometry of the enlargement is a duct with
an area ratio of ( AR= 5.09). The effect of jets location , number
of jets , inlet Reynolds number as well as the injection ratio on
the pressure recovery coefficient are investigated .The inlet
Reynolds number ( Rein ), injection flow rate ratio (©) and the
dimensionless downstream distance (X) are chosen to cover the
following range.
5.3 x 104 < Rein = 10.7 x 104, 0.0 < © < 0.478 and
0.64 < X < 1.75.
The experimental results show that, sleight change of the
injection ratio, inlet Reynolds number or number of jets has an
important effect on pressure recovery coefficient , interaction
between main and injected flow and also the recirculation zone